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Some things in life take time and go slow. Like making wine. Months, years, decades may be needed.

Some things in life require speed. Like the wine class this Friday at Cooking by the Book:  The Wines of Verona this Friday, March 1st at 6:30PM. 

Yes, it is just 50 hours until this class devoted to premium wines from the north of Italy, a region where wine has been produced, savored and improved for over two thousand years. Our wine expert for the evening comes from a personal family wine-making tradition of over 400 years. That picture above is just one potential view of the dramatic scenes that Verona provides. But, of course, the real drama is in the vineyards as year after years the journey to ever better wine continues.

That expert and vintner, Giovanni Bertani of the Tenuta Santa Maria alla Pieve estate and winery, lives near Verona in the Veneto region. His family name has long been synonymous with the region’s most admired and innovative wines.

Tenuta Santa Maria is an historic property dating back to Roman times; yet for Giovanni, his father Gaetano and brother Guglielmo, it represents their latest, most personal and most ambitious project to date. Behind Tenuta Santa Maria is the Bertani family’s deep-seated commitment to creating a collection of superb quality, estate-bottled wines representing the finest expression of the local terroir. Here vine roots tunnel down to an extraordinary depth of 5 storeys, ultimately giving rise to a precious yield of little more than 2 lbs of fruit per vine.

At this Small Bites Big Sips class the bites will include:

  • Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Bruschetta
  • Marinated Salmon
  • A Presentation of Special Italian Cheeses
  • Spiced Lamb chops with Roasted Cherry Vinaigrette
  • Italian Cookies, of course, for dessert

The big sips will come from reds and whites personally  recommended by Giovanni and paired with our foods as the evening progresses.

We invite you to join us on March 1. You can register for the class by clicking on: