People often bring things to a holiday party. For post-Thanksgiving party, Cynthia Beckman brought the centerpiece. It would be an vast understatement to say Cynthia is a decorating genius. It help, of course, that she simply loves making anything she is around beautiful.

Cynthia’s centerpiece concept here is elegant, rich, and simply. First, get some plastic wrap. Yes, plastic wrap. The evergreen branches you lie down can scratch a surface or leave residue that will drive you nuts. So, here’s the centerpiece plan:

  • Line the center strip of the table with plastic wrap
  • Top the plastic wrap with overlapping evergreen branches, ideally freshly cut and fragrant
  • Dot the branches with fruit for color contrast: apples, oranges, pomegranates, pears, …
  • Add pine cones, of course
  • If you wish, add some candles but be careful of placement and fire concerns with those branches

It all works. And, it’s portable. This dining room array for our Olive house went home the next day to New York City where it sits on a side buffet. Yes, we need to refresh the branches now and then but this easy yet stunning decoration will carry us through the holidays.