We have just 9 days to Thanksgiving. It’s not just one day now. By next Tuesday, millions of us will be on the road. We’ll be feasting until the next Sunday and that long, slow drive home. [Suzi and I have decided to NEVER travel on that Sunday. We drift home on Monday!]

I’ll be posting the best in holiday ideas left and right all the way to the big day. And, on Thanksgiving, I’ll post a couple of “lifesaver” recipes. Mashed potatoes? Gravy?

But, gee, Thanksgiving is all about dessert. All about pies. Pumpkin pie of course. And, and apple pie. Suzi and I love the cooking and cookbooks of Abigail Johnson Dodge. This recipe has just appeared on the Fine Cooking site and I’m flashing you to this monumental pie idea. You combine perfect crust, apples, and caramel. Lots and lots of caramel. Hey, you only do Thanksgiving once a year.

Take a look at this recipe and I do suggest you sample it during the holidays. It may become your family standard.

Caramel Velvet Apple Pie