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"Now what do I do?" Suzen asked. It was rhetorical. She was standing with a large lump of baguette dough in her hand. Leftover dough.

On yesterday's post, I noted that wonderful English muffins are made with baguette dough. But after those muffins have been cut out, there is dough left. Precious dough that cannot be wasted. Suzen quickly answered her own question. Take leftover dough, form it into a rectangle, sprinkle on salt and bake. You'll have wonderful focaccia, as wonderful as your underlying baguette dough. If you look carefully at the picture above, you'll see some yellow streaks. The twelve-step program has failed. Again. Suzen remains addicted to cheese. Besides the salt, she put sprinkled parmesan atop the bread before baking. 

Doubly delicious.