Instead of a recipe today, I’m posting this picture. We bought a small smoke plant a couple of years ago, putting it in soil that had been extensively accelerated with potting soil and fertilizer. We’d been trying to grow garlic, had no success, and gave up on harvesting anything edible. “To heck with it,” we said as put put in the smoke plant in the ground with prayers for survival.  A couple of years later and that small plant now towers into the air.

On a recent morning, I was struck by one branch. The rain had stopped and I noticed how perfectly the drops were clinging to one set of leaves.

Too often we take an action, say plant something, then wander on in life and overlook how marvelous our actions have been. The next chance you have, take a walk around your yard, your garden, your local park. Just stroll slowly and see how lovely and strong simple things can be.